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Visiting Osterville, Massachusetts

Osterville is a small village located within the town of Barnstable, Massachusetts. It is one of seven villages in the local area, and you will find it towards the south of the town. The area spans 8.3 square miles and has become home to a vibrant residential community. It sits pretty on the coast of Massachusetts, with direct access to Nantucket Sound – and a short boat journey away from Nantucket Island itself.

With proximity to the sea, Osterville has become a highly popular spot for tourists in the summer months. Wonderful beaches line the coast, along with plenty of other fun activities. Over the years, the village has attracted much attention from property buyers, leading to a boom in the Osterville real estate market. Many homes are for sale here, with many being grand and luxurious. The quality of life is very high, making this small village highly sought-after.

Osterville Real Estate Quick Facts

If you are looking for Osterville homes for sale, here are some quick facts about the real estate market that you’ll find valuable:

  • According to the most recent census, the population of Osterville is around 3,500 people
  • The median price listing for Osterville homes for sale is $1.5 million this year
  • On average, houses in Osterville are on the market for around 42 days before they’re sold
  • Osterville real estate is characterized by its range of high-end luxury homes and estates
  • Most of Osterville’s highest-value and coveted properties are in gated communities – such as Oyster Harbors and Wianno.
  • Demand for Osterville homes for sale is at its highest during the summer
  • Homes with waterfront views are hugely popular amongst second-home buyers
  • Rental properties are common here and generate good revenue for owners
  • Luxury amenities are common in Osterville real estate, with many houses offering features such as private swimming pools, access to private beaches, docks, etc.
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In general, the Osterville real estate market is incredibly competitive. This is due to the high demand for houses but a lack of houses available. In such a small community, buyers have to act fast if a home ends up on the market or someone else will definitely buy it.

Although the village has a reputation as a high-end market with luxury homes for sale, there will be opportunities for property investors lower down the scale. More affordable housing options exist on the village’s outskirts, further away from the seafront.

Living in Osterville, MA

Life in Osterville is very peaceful thanks to its coastal location and the smallness of the population. It rarely gets rowdy, and the extremely low crime rate makes it a safe place to live.

There’s a calmness here that never seems to go away, perhaps why so many people retreat here for summer vacations or wish to move away from busier cities. With multiple beaches, a wildlife reserve, and plenty of green spaces, it’s a truly wonderful place.

Things To Do in Osterville, MA

Living in Osterville offers a range of things to do, thanks partly to its coastal location. The downtown area is full of wonderful boutique shops and stores. This includes fashion shops, gift stores, hardware stores, grocery shops, and more.

There are also regular markets hosted by the locals, including the popular Osterville Farmer’s Market, which sees floods of residents pouring through it every summer. During market season, some of the best local delights are sold, including a wide range of Cape Cod fruit, vegetables, homemade jams, bread, and so on.

When locals get hungry, there’s a wide variety of restaurants and other places to dine and drink:

  • Pizzerias
  • Ice cream parlors
  • Cafes
  • Grills
  • Bakeries
  • Bars

The tight-knit community means the nightlife here is very friendly. You can go out for a bite to eat and something to drink without it getting too rowdy. It’s safe to say that Osterville is a very family-friendly place to live.

Residents who enjoy being educated or participating in cultural activities will relish visiting the galleries and museums in Osterville, MA. Some popular locations include the Little Beach Gallery, Cape Cod Maritime Museum, and the Cahoon Museum of American Art. All of these places are short journeys from the center of Osterville itself.

Those with a more sports-oriented mind will love the village’s two stunning golf courses. The Oyster Harbors Club is to the west of town, while the Wianno Golf Club is found towards the south close, near Nantucket Sound.

Alongside these permanent fixtures, Osterville is home to a thriving events scene. Numerous events are put on yearly in the village, including concerts, fairs, and more. Residents can stay updated on the next events by visiting the Experience Osterville website.

Watersports & Beaches in Osterville, MA

As mentioned, Osterville houses for sale and the Osterville real estate market are dominated by high-value waterfront properties. The village sits right on the ocean, which opens the door to many watersports and beach activities in the area.

A handful of beautiful beaches can be found on the Nantucket Sound coast, including the three most popular ones among residents:

  • Wianno Beach
  • Dowses Beach
  • Craigville Beach

Towards the northern side of the village, you’ll come across Joshua Pond, home to Joshua Pond Beach, another highly sought-after place for residents and tourists alike.

A range of watersports is regularly seen thanks to the weather in Osterville being sunny and warm during the summer months. The windy nature of the coastal areas makes it perfect for kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, and more.

Education in Osterville, MA

Osterville is home to six public elementary schools, one public middle school, and one public high school.

Private schools are also available in the area, with one of the most popular being Cape Cod Academy. It is regularly the highest-rated school in the village and takes on new students every year.

Osterville Summary

Overall, Osterville is a highly coveted place to live with many luxury homes and waterfront views. The Osterville real estate market is highly competitive as there are rarely homes for sale in the area. If you want to move here or purchase an investment property, act fast when something comes on the market.

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