South Yarmouth Real Estate, Cape Cod

South Yarmouth is a small village in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It forms part of the iconic Cape Cod coastal area, surrounded by other beautiful towns and villages, boasting many things to see and do.

According to the most recent census data from 2020, around 11,700 people live in this village. Despite being small compared to other villages in the country, it’s one of the most populous places on Cape Cod. The area has rapidly become popular among retirees and tourists because of its coastal location, beautiful weather, and bustling daily life. As a result, South Yarmouth real estate is in a brilliant place, with plenty of South Yarmouth homes for sale each year. Whether you wish to bag a rental property or move here full-time, it offers many great opportunities.

South Yarmouth Real Estate Quick Facts

If you’re on the hunt for South Yarmouth homes for sale, here are some useful facts about the local real estate market:

  • The median home value is $363,000, compared to the national average of $244,900
  • The median rent for South Yarmouth properties is $1,619/month, compared to the national average of $1,163
  • 75% of residents own their homes
  • Only 25% of properties in South Yarmouth are rented
  • Single-family homes built in the mid-20th Century are the most common property types
  • On average, South Yarmouth homes for sale are on the market for up to 70 days before selling
  • Ocean-view homes go for the highest prices
  • Bass River is considered the most popular neighborhood for homes in South Yarmouth

Overall, the South Yarmouth real estate market is extremely competitive. This is such a highly sought-after place to live or vacation to, meaning demand for homes is through the roof. People are keen to buy properties in South Yarmouth to either live in or rent. It means that houses are sold very quickly, with most only lasting a couple of months before they’re off the market again.

If you’re looking for South Yarmouth homes for sale, be sure you’re constantly staying updated with the market and jumping at opportunities the moment you see them. If you’re too slow, you will miss out.

Living in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod

South Yarmouth presents the perfect conditions for residents. It is still a relatively small village, meaning you get a sense of small-town charm wherever you go. This is reflected in the independent shops and restaurants, as well as the friendly nature of the local community.

It is a very peaceful place to live, with low crime rates and an abundance of things to do. There are activities for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, or people that just want to relax and enjoy themselves in their spare time. The local area is absolutely gorgeous, with close proximity to numerous lakes, rivers, and beaches. Other towns and villages on Cape Cod are short drives away, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do.

Things To Do in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod

South Yarmouth is a town that offers diversity throughout. There are ample things for people of all ages to do – regardless of their interests.

Lovers of history and culture will revel in the beauty of the museums and art galleries in this little area. The Whydah Pirate Museum is a hugely popular spot, displaying artifacts recovered from 18th-Century pirate vessels and delivering lots of insight into life during this period. The Linda Lee Studio art gallery is another great place to spend an afternoon, taking in some wonderful artistic works.

However, the historic Judah Baker Windmill is perhaps the highlight for cultural and history buffs in South Yarmouth. It’s an old windmill from the 1700s that you can stroll around and marvel at its architecture.

Alongside these attractions, there are loads of things to do if you want to get active and have some fun. South Yarmouth is home to two lovely golf courses – Bass River Golf Course and Blue Rock Golf Course – as well as multiple parks and recreation areas. It’s a village that’s designed for walking with so many beautiful ponds and watery areas to sit and marvel at – all of which are open for fishing!

Locals will enjoy the variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes dotted around South Yarmouth too. There are some beautiful boutique fashion shops, as well as any other shop you could hope for. The busy summer tourism has seen a boom in restaurants and independent eateries to enjoy, meaning your tastebuds are satisfied whenever you want to go out to eat.

Children can have fun at the Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf course, while the Cape Cod Inflatable Park is also nearby. Put simply, there are things to do for everyone!

Beaches in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod

You can’t talk about South Yarmouth without mentioning the beaches. As part of Cape Cod, it sits right on the coast, opening up to the Nantucket Sound. This means you’re spoilt for choice if you’re looking for a beach to enjoy.

Six options present themselves to residents and tourists:

  • Saltbox Beach
  • Windmill Beach
  • Bass River Beach
  • South Middle Beach
  • Parkers River Beach
  • Thatcher Park Beach

Each one opens the door to loads of extra fun things to do. You can swim, enjoy watersports, go saltwater fishing, and sunbathe; the list is endless!

Education in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod

South Yarmouth is a brilliant place for families due to the safe living conditions and ample job opportunities in the nearby area. It is also home to 14 public schools and 12 private schools.

Education in this area is highly rated, with Sturgis Charter Public School being given top marks by both students and educators.

South Yarmouth Summary

South Yarmouth is a charming town on Cape Cod that offers everything you could hope for in a place to live. The South Yarmouth real estate market is always abuzz with life, with homes selling fast and for over the initial asking price. If you’re interested in South Yarmouth homes for sale, be sure to act quickly or you’ll be outbid by someone else. It’s an area that offers ample opportunities for homebuyers and investors alike.


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