Bourne Is the Gateway to Cape Cod

The Cape Cod peninsula is loved by both residents and visitors alike. Brimming with history and offering incredible beaches and coastal scenery, it’s a wonderful place to make your home. Choosing the right location is essential if you want access to everything that Cape Cod offers. And what better place to choose than a town close to the mainland, serving as the gateway to the peninsula? Bourne is a famous town that was once part of the neighboring town of Sandwich but now possesses its unique identity.

There’s much to love about Bourne and plenty of benefits to living in the Massachusetts town. Living on the ocean in Bourne is a paradise for residents, giving access to the rest of Cape Cod too.

Bourne’s Location

The location of Bourne between Cape Cod and the mainland is one of its biggest draws. The Cape Cod Canal runs through the northern portion of the town, with the towns of Sandwich, Falmouth, Wareham, and Cape Cod Bay all nearby. It’s also just 55 miles from Boston and Providence, RI, putting the town in the perfect location for anyone who likes to explore close to home. Bourne has a shoreline both to the east and west, offering amazing access to the ocean and the views and beaches that come with it.

The History of Bourne

Bourne was first settled in 1640 as part of the town of Sandwich. Before becoming its own town, it was known as West Sandwich. Officially incorporated in 1884, the town was named after Jonathan Bourne Sr., whose ancestor Richard Bourne represented the town on the first Massachusetts General Court. Bourne is home to the oldest store in the United States, Aptucxet Trading Post, founded by the Pilgrims in 1627. Adjacent to this is Gray Gables, the private railway station of Grover Cleveland, who once had his summer White House in Bourne.

Homes in Bourne

Bourne has an array of homes in different styles to suit varying budgets. From tiny two-bed cottages to luxury coastal homes, there is an excellent choice of properties available in the town and nearby. Many homes have plenty of outdoor space, which is perfect for a location where spending time outdoors is so enjoyable. There are both homes built in traditional styles and those with more modern designs to suit different tastes. Single- and multi-story homes can be purchased, and even empty lots are available for those considering building their dream home.

Bourne could be the perfect place to buy your new home or a vacation home for your Cape Cod getaway.

Top Things to Do in Bourne

Bourne offers plenty of things to do to both residents and visitors. Whether you are a history buff or looking for outdoor activities, you can discover a huge range of things to keep you occupied.

The Cape Cod Canal is a major attraction, with a lot of activity around it. It’s perfect for a walk or bike ride, and the canal also offers opportunities for fishing and boating. Even those just looking to relax can sit and watch the world go by or perhaps engage in birdwatching. Rest facilities are available along the canal, too, although they’re closed in the off-season. The Railroad Bridge is the world’s second-longest vertical lift bridge. You can watch it open and close for trains and boats. Taking a cruise along the canal is fun if you’re looking for a relaxing experience.

The Aptucxet Trading Post and Gray Gables are worth visiting for those interested in history. The Trading Post offers tours of a replica of the original trading post and its natural gardens and saltworks. Meanwhile, Gray Gables offers memorabilia and photos of President Cleveland, and guided tours are also available.

The National Marine Center is another fun day for anyone looking to learn. The nonprofit marine hospital and education center is regularly home to animals being rehabilitated. Also, it features a Discovery Center with interactive displays and cameras set up for viewing the animals.

Beaches In and Near Bourne

One of the most popular things to do in and around Bourne is, naturally, to head to the beach. If you want to visit any of the beaches in town, walking or biking there is often your best bet, especially for visitors. Residents and property owners are issued parking stickers to park at their favorite beaches, although some simply prefer to leave their motor vehicles at home.

Some of the most popular beaches in Bourne include Monument Beach, Scusset Beach, Electric Avenue Beach, and Sagamore Beach. The facilities available at different beaches vary, but you can usually find rest facilities, lifeguards, and often places to get snacks. Some of Bourne’s beaches, such as Monument Beach, are very accessible too. Beach wheelchairs and other features such as a ramp or MobiMat, are available in season to make the beach welcoming for all.

Some beaches may be more crowded than others, but they generally offer plenty of space for everyone. Whether you want to relax, build sandcastles, swim, or go fishing, there are many things to do across the beaches in the area.

The Food and Drink Scene in Bourne

For those who like to eat out or go for a casual drink, Bourne offers a fantastic selection of places to visit. There is a wide variety of cuisines and styles of dining, from seafood restaurants to cozy cafes, pizza, and Thai restaurants.

If you’re seeking seafood, The Lobster Trap Fish Market and Restaurant is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. It’s in a beautiful spot for lunch or dinner and has everything from traditional crab cakes to ceviche. There’s a great choice of places for pizza and Italian food, including Ella’s Wood Burning Oven Restaurant and Mezza-Luna. If you’re looking for a cozy place to drink or dine, there are some excellent pub and tavern locations too, such as the Sagamore Inn Restaurant and The Bog Tavern. And if you’re in the mood for Asian food, you can find Cambodian at Stir Crazy, Thai at Tuk Tuk, or Chinese at Chen’s Kitchen.

Breakfast spots and cafes are easy to find in Bourne too. Settle in at Breakfast Nook or The Blueberry Muffin, or take a seat at Corner Cafe, Canal Cafe, or Leo’s Breakfast Restaurant.

Of course, nightlife in Bourne won’t match any big cities, but there are still places to grab a drink and some food. Flynn’s Irish Pub at Sagamore Beach is a popular spot and both The Bog Tavern and Stomping Grounds Grille are good picks for both food and drink. Of course, if you’re willing to visit nearby towns, you can find even more places for a relaxing time, including Trevor’s Gallery and Wine Bar in Onset.

Shopping and Leisure in Bourne

Shopping opportunities in Bourne are excellent if you’re looking for independent businesses. Businesses such as Pairpoint Glass Works, Cape Cod Crystals, and Buzzards Bay Antiques offer unique opportunities to find gifts or items for your home. Nearby Buzzards Bay offers even more shopping, with Gifts on the Go providing somewhere to get delightful gifts and Old Country Store and Emporium selling everything from fudge to furniture.

Sports fans will enjoy seeing the Bourne Braves baseball team at Doran Park, a collegiate summer baseball team that has produced dozens of Major League Baseball players.

Exploring the Rest of Cape Cod

One of the best things about Bourne is its position as an amazing gateway to the rest of Cape Cod. Bourne connects the peninsula to the “mainland”, making the town the perfect place for anyone who wants to travel in either direction. There are so many other places to visit, from the nearby towns to destinations a little further into Cape Cod. Towns such as Wareham, Falmouth, and Sandwich are nearby, and it’s not far to Plymouth, Barnstable, Wellfleet, or Provincetown. Of course, you can also hop on a ferry and head out to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard if you want to explore the islands too.

Bourne has a railway station that the CapeFlyer passes through, while access to major roads takes you in or out of Cape Cod. There is also a Greyhound bus stop and taxi services that local residents can benefit from.

One of the top reasons to buy a home in Bourne is excellent access to the rest of the peninsula. Of course, the town is a beautiful place to live too, or even to visit in the summer. With access to so many beaches and brilliant coastal views, living by the ocean can be more than a dream when you buy property in Bourne, MA. Many beautiful properties are suitable for many buyers, so find your perfect home to live the Cape Cod life today.


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